Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New colors for spring and just how did I choose my shop name?

The newest addition to the "Brooklyn" shoe design. $27 usd on my etsy shop
Over the past couple days I have received a lot of questions about how I chose my shop name and I wanted to share that with you, since I love the way my shop name came about.
Ever since my best friend and I were little neither of us liked to use the words "I love you" becasue well, we were little and it was an icky thing to say. So instead we would mouth the words "Elephant Shoes" or "Olive Juice" and if you do it to someone it looks like they are saying "I love you" when we were old enough to write we would send letters to eachother in the mail and we would always end the letters with "Olive Juice and Elephant Shoes" She encouraged me to sell my creations on etsy and so I took the name "Elephant Shoes Knits" in honor of our life long friendship ( which by the way started when I was only 1 month and 1 day old, My birthday is oct.13 and hers is nov.14, oh, and our mothers are sisters! it was just meant to be!)
This best friend of mine, whom I like to call my "life partner" ( just a little inside joke about when I was pregnant with my daughter and she came and did a lot of shopping with me for baby items and everyone thought we were lesbians because we were shopping together for a baby) is also who I named these shoes after. They happen to be my favorite design as well. Lots of love to my life partner (lol) Brooklyn! Olive juice and Elephant shoes!

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  1. Hi I found you on a Etsy team page. I am your recent follower.I hope you will stop by my blog and return the favor.=)